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  1. Cait added a post in a topic #Oddwonk Book Club, a Second Edition: The Night Circus   

    Hi, guys! Just a quick note to say:
    1) I owe you an entry from this week, but I am behind on LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE.
    2) The reading this week covers pages 107-158, Chapters "Fire and Light" through "Chaperoned."
    How did you like Week 2?
  2. Pete added a post in a topic Miss Me? Sherlock is back!   

    @jean.e Sadly I had the same reaction as you did
    If that is the last episode of Sherlock it'll be a shame it went out on such a weak note, but for me it didn't undo all the great episodes that we've had over the previous few years!
  3. Robbie added a post in a topic Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted   

    FYI, it looks like Dusted will be back in February:
  4. Robbie added a post in a topic that harsh harsh light of day   

    Welcome to the forum, @fivebeccafive!
  5. Alastair added a topic in The Journeyman Writer   

    The Journeyman Writer 226: The Underdog
    What's the real difference between the protagonist and the antagonist of your story?
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  6. matthewvose added a post in a topic that harsh harsh light of day   

    Great username!!
  7. jean.e added a post in a topic Miss Me? Sherlock is back!   

    Y'all. We need to talk about Episode 3.
  8. Alastair added a topic in Please Read   

    The Future
    Hey, everybody. 
    First, in case you've somehow missed the news, you should go read this. 
    Second, thank you all so much for your patience as we've worked through the details of the divorce and figured out what StoryWonk will be in the future. The Christmas hiatus turned into something much more challenging and transformative than I expected. 
    Third, I want to emphasize how much I value what StoryWonk stands for, both in terms of the podcasts, and in terms of this amazing community. The only reason to continue with StoryWonk, as I see it, is to continue to do what StoryWonk stands for -- smart, inclusive, positive commentary and analysis of the stories we all love. There isn't going to be a radical shift in what StoryWonk represents, or in the tone of the shows or this community; my intention is to build on the work I've already done, and continue to grow and expand at a sustainable rate. 
    With that in mind, I want to make some quick preliminary announcements about the podcast schedule. There and Back Again and The Journeyman Writer are going ahead as planned; I'll have a new Story and Star Wars lecture ready some time this week, all being well. I also have plans to bring back the roster of shows that I made with Lani. These aren't set in stone, but this is my best guess right now: 
    Dusted will return early in February, with a new co-host I know you'll adore. It will probably return on a once-a-week schedule in which we look at the rest of Buffy S6, and then the rest of Angel S3, but that's flexible.The Scot and The Sassenach will also return early in February, and will finish up the Voyager series with another new co-host. Plans for season three of Outlander are still up in the air.We Can Do This All Day will return late in February or early in March, with a very similar format. I'm still working out the details on this one, but the plan I have right now is very exciting.We Used To Be Friends will return at some point, but I don't have any definite plans right now -- I'd like to finish up the series with a rotating cast of special guests, so if you're interested in podcasting over Skype about Veronica Mars, let me know!I'll also be adding a new season of Dear Mr. Potter to the schedule, starting some time in late February, looking at Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; in addition, I'm looking at adding some new YouTube content looking at video game narratives, from Bioshock to Dragon Age to Undertale.
    Thank you all so, so much for patience and support, and for your continued enthusiasm. I'm going to do my best to make the new StoryWonk a place of which you are proud.
    Big love,
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  9. fivebeccafive added a topic in Who's Who   

    that harsh harsh light of day
    Hi! Big BTVS fan when it aired and Angel, too but stopped midseries and finished later. Rewatched through most of my adult life as more of a closeted kind of fan. Discovered internet fandom and this amazing podcast about 4 months ago. I don't have any friends or family that can get down on the level of nerd that you amazing people can. I have been watching, reading, listening here in the dark. Decided to step into the light with you all and discuss. Sad that things are changing for the wonk community (and the difficulties that must be causing pain) but excited to be part of the new chapter and embracing the changes that come along with it. Located in western Massachusetts! Other things I can get nerdy on besides all Joss's work- music. Love the Grateful Dead and love the little nibblets in Whedon's work that call out to his love of them. Like say, last episode of Angel title. Hey, hey party people- show me some love sometime.  I hope I'm doing this right..
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  10. William'sbloodyawfulpoetry added a post in a topic Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted   

    I saw the premiere of OMFW in Austria on a school trip many years ago - it was in German but all the songs were still the english version but then subtitled. It must have been very weird for the German speakers to hear the casts real voices after years of listening to the dubbed ones.
    Thanks for doing this thread @StrangelyLiteral - good luck with your Spanish.
  11. Pete added a post in a topic Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted   

    I watched an episode of Buffy in French once when I was on holiday. Didn't have any subtitles but as I'd seen it multiple times before it all made sense. Didn't help my French any unfortunately 
  12. JoSpangel added a post in a topic Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted   

    Looking good!
  13. Robbie added a post in a topic I'm told everyone here smells great   

    You are correct! We all smell pretty sweet. Welcome!
  14. bedelialala added a topic in Who's Who   

    I'm told everyone here smells great
    A friend of mine introduced me to Dusted, with the highest possible enthusiasm, right before the election. Since then, I listened to it obsessively until I finally caught up with the latest episode. In all of them, I kept hearing about this incredible online community of kind and smart people with great personal hygiene and I thought "man, I have to join them!"
    So, I took a shower, gargled some mouthwash, and here I am!
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  15. StrangelyLiteral added a topic in Dusted   

    Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted
    After a little bit of discussion over on the Twitter Announcements thread, a few of us have decided that we're going revisit Season 1 and watch and discuss The Passion of the Nerd Buffy analysis videos along with the vintage Dusted recordings - until Dusted returns. We are not trying to replace Dusted - we are just trying to keep the community engaged during the unfortunate but necessary restructuring of Dusted. This is also a great chance to talk about Season 1 and the origins of BtVS since very few of us were StoryWonk fans and forum members when Dusted first came out and missed out on those discussions.
    Discussions will take place on Monday and Thursday, in keeping with Dusted tradition.
    So for this coming week:
    Monday:TPotN: Why you should watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (6 min video)Dusted 1: Yes, Really (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie)Thursday:TPotN: Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest (4 min video)Dusted 2: No Skipping Ahead (Episodes 1 & 2, Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest)My personal plan is to watch the episodes in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, since I've seen them so many times before, and because I'm trying to work on my language skills. I'm curious to see how much of what I love about Buffy comes across in a foreign language. 
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  16. Jupiter added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    So Alistair is staying now and Lani is going? Okay. Just posting this here so anyone reading is clear.
    I was going to also suggest, continuing discussion about forthcoming episodes, in the Spoiler thread, building on the most recent on-podcast discussion of season 6. I'm sure that has been discussed in the past in that thread, but not recently with what Alistair and Lani had to say about the themes, character arcs, and where everything seemed to be aiming or working towards.
    Also likewise for Angel S3, I guess - although I can't speak for that because I don't listen to all the Angel podcasts and I'm less familiar with the -verse.
  17. No One in Particular added a post in a topic Let's wonk about Doctor Who!   

    Your point is valid.  It is a different show than it used to be, and there is a certain element of...magic? charm? I don't have a word for it.  But what has been lost in translation I find to be equaled out by better characterization, effects, set pieces, and, in some cases, extraordinary writing.  (Don't get me wrong.  The new series still has bad episodes.  Many of them.  But the best of the good stuff is outstanding!)
    Long story short; I used to work two jobs, which cut into my TV watching to the point that the only things I watched were the BSG reboot, Doctor Who, and couple of cartoons.  And hen push came to shove, if I had to make choice, DW won out over everything else.
  18. AridanLyn added a topic in General Wonkery   

    "The Artist's Way
    Has anyone else here worked through this series? I've just started it, and I'm not off to the greatest start. Morning pages aren't exactly "morning." And they aren't hand written either, because if I hand write them they take me something like 4 hours rather than the half hour it takes me on the keyboard.   Has anyone else done this? Is it worth the time investment?
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  19. StrangelyLiteral added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    I think their interests also balanced each other really well. I was really looking forward to hearing the back-half of season 6 discussed as a conversation between someone who ships Buffy/Spike and someone who just doesn't get it. 
    Obviously no one can truly replace Lani and her perspective, but I hope that whoever his new co-host(s) is, he finds someone who offers a good counterpoint to his perspective. People who disagree with each other (respectfully) are the most interesting to listen to.
  20. Achates added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    I'll just say that, Lani and Alastair achieved the perfect balance between professional analysis and fan gushing. I've listened to a few of the podcasts that others have posted here, and unfortunately, they tend to lean toward the latter. In his episode guide, I think Ian achieves this balance as well.
    But whether we get any more Dusted episodes or not, I want to thank both of them for the 150+ episodes we do have.
  21. Tiffany added a post in a topic The Scot And The Sassenach 81: It’s Not You, It’s Me   

    Thanks @Robbie. I saw the info earlier today. I'm glad we'll finish out the book, just sad and sorry about the circumstances. 
  22. Katie B. added a post in a topic The Scot And The Sassenach 81: It’s Not You, It’s Me for Alastair's update from today about the future of Storywonk. Things will continue, perhaps a bit differently, but will require some patience as everyone takes the steps they need.
  23. Robbie added a post in a topic The Scot And The Sassenach 81: It’s Not You, It’s Me   

    @Tiffany - there has been some upheaval around here but Alastair will be back with new podcasts at some point, and says he'll finish out the seminar for "Voyager" for sure. 
  24. prophecygirl730 added a post in a topic Let's wonk about Doctor Who!   

    I haven't seen the Xmas special yet, but honestly my interest in more recent seasons of DW has waned. It just doesn't feel like the same show anymore. Some of the original charm is gone. I like Capaldi, as he's a throwback to some of the classic Doctors, but it's not enough to keep me interested :-( Anyone else feel this way? 
  25. Candles&Pretense added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    I'm going to sound like most opportunistic dink ever in the world, but my sister and I have a podcast.  We're on Season 2 of Buffy right now.  If y'all are interested, we'd love to have you join the ranks of our Gentle Listeners.  Our focus is on myth and metaphor, but we veer into pretty much every other topic as well.  We also discuss all seasons at all times, spoiling absolutely everything like wasps at a picnic.  We swear and it's a bit queer-centric, so it's not for everyone, but we've heard that we're entertaining, so... that's... something?