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  1. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 150: Love, Labor, Loss   

    "When you're as old as Darla is, when you have been a vampire for this long, the human existence which preceded that vampiric existence is basically a rounding error."
    This struck me- if this is the case, why does Alastair give Anya, who was a vengeance demon twice as long as Darla was a vampire, such a hard time about identifying as a vengeance demon?
  2. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Gilmore Girls Revival (Spoilers!)   

    I'm going to just throw out all of my thoughts and concerns as they come to me, and I might edit this down the road upon rewatching.
    All that being said, I'll still re-watch the hell out of this mini-series.
  3. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Magical Whosie-Whatsie Episode Unavailable   

    Lucy - I hope you got this figured out, but if not, I would recommend listening to the episode from YouTube. Granted, you can't download it and listen to it sans-data, but it's a good work around.
  4. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 141: Under Water Pressure   

    I can track with Lani about feeling conflicted over Jonathan re: whether or not we're supposed to see him as a cuddly, lovable geek.
    I had watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls several times before my first viewing of Buffy, so when Danny Strong first appeared, I was so excited to see Doyle. Danny Strong's innate charm kind of buoys him through his minor moments of gross behavior earlier in the series.
    As a result, I always read it as Jonathan was the one we were supposed to like out of the Trio. while Warren is the violent misogynist and Andrew is weak and gay-panicky.
  5. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 120: Sexy Leather Cardigan   

    Unrelated to the episode of Angel at hand, but specifically the title of this episode of Dusted -- I can't read "Sexy Leather Cardigan" without hearing it to the tune of "Sexy Getting Ready Song" from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
    That's all.
  6. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 118: Misery Salad   

    I have to say, my boyfriend apparently secretly curated our Netflix list when I first watched through Angel, because I hadn't seen this episode until my re-watch last week. Bless him.
    I didn't read the Lubber demons as coded Jewish, but I can definitely see that (/definitely can't un-see that) now. What I thought when I watched the episode was that they looked like a weird mash-up of vampire-Colonel Sanders and the Gentlemen from "Hush."
    Completely hateable episode. Gene is not a lovable putz, he's an asshole.
  7. leontroutsky added a post in a topic The Light Bulb 69: INFHufflepuff   

    Is anyone else familiar with StrengthsFinder? It's used a lot in corporate environments and the general idea is to (as the name indicates) find an individual's strengths in order to help their development and team building skills. So, my SF top five are Context, Learner, Empathy, Input, Achiever. Which tracks, because I'm a Ravenclaw who cries a lot.

  8. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 106: The Salad Shooter Metaphor   

    I agree. I read this scene as Darla in her own home in the Virginia colony with her servants closing the windows for her. I don't think the view thing was a matter of desiring the "finer things" after being deprived in life, but more of a freedom to display her status in a way she couldn't as easily in life.
  9. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Comfort books/shows/movies   

    @Emily K. yep, Fry does the UK version and Jim Dale does the American version. I'll listen to Dale in a pinch, but I prefer Fry's version of almost every character, especially Dobby.
  10. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Comfort books/shows/movies   

    I have a job that's largely data entry, so if I know that it's going to be a rough day or it's generally gloomy, I'll listen to Stephen Fry's narration of the Harry Potter books over and over. They're not something I have to pay attention to any longer, but I get enjoyment out of hearing them still. The best part is that I can go back in and read them for myself and still not be tired of them.

    For TV, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, and Parks and Rec are basically always on a loop in my house. I could also watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding or That Thing You Do! any day, every day.
  11. leontroutsky added a post in a topic The Light Bulb 50: Nature Doesn’t Care   

    I know I'm not one to talk, since i didn't see The Martian, but it's funny to me how your most recent references for Chiwetel Ejiofor were Serenity and Love Actually when he was nominated for an Academy Award for 12 Years a Slave in 2013. Similarly, did you see Jessica Chastain in Interstellar? From what I understand, she was asked to do a similar thing in this movie. Again, I didn't see The Martian, but while I did appreciate her performance in Interstellar, she didn't stand up to the other cast members in that movie either.
  12. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 51: The Band-Aid   

    I can definitely understand why Alastair and Lani describe season 1 as broken into three distinctive acts, even if I hadn't noticed it first time through.
  13. leontroutsky added a post in a topic The Light Bulb: Unaccustomed As I Am   

    Just listed to this episode.... I definite used that exact same Neil Simon monologue for an audition in high school! It all came rushing back to me...
  14. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Harry Potter themed drinks - links to recipes included   

    I make a drink during the holiday season that I call the Gin-ny Weasley. In a pint glass over ice, I pour a healthy shot of gin, followed by about 4 oz of cranberry juice and topped off with ginger ale. It's super seasonal and looks very festive!
  15. leontroutsky added a post in a topic Dusted 26: Close Your Eyes   

    This has no weight on the series, but I can't believe that there hasn't been mention of the fact that Whistler is played by Max Perlich, the actor who plays Rune, Jackson's cousin, on Gilmore Girls!