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    This counter-fact is so disappointing. I also loved Alastair's theory because the balcony scene does work so much better as Buffy's perception of her situation with Spike than as a continuation in kind of their on-screen relationship thus far. Spike wants her to be with him and to let go of her rigidity and embrace and enjoy her "dark side," but the key word there is enjoy. Ever since the house came down, he hasn't been actively trying to make her feel bad the way he is here. I think the story works much better when Spike genuinely thinks he's good for Buffy and doesn't understand why he's also terrible for her at the same time. This scene breaks that interpretation.  
    For me, the tonal weirdness is fixed by knowing that the BtVS writer's room was speaking directly to/about their fans (like Jupiter mentioned). Without the silly squabbling and typical humorous stuff, it would be easy to see the Trio as just evil villains. But the audience is clearly supposed to identify with them or at least empathize and laugh with them at the same time that they're planning all of these terrible things and revealing some very troubling ideas about women.
    The message is that there are some truly sinister things lurking within geek culture, and that it's not those other evil people that you don't identify with, it's people you know and like, and it might even be you.
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    No worries! I didn't realize you didn't know, or I could've been even more helpful for explaining what was going on. 
    In the Q&A Alastair did, he said it's definitely something he plans to finish, he just needs to find a co-host. He's definitely planning on doing the movie. He'd be open to doing one or two episodes on Play It Again Dick. And maybe even starting something for Party Down after that's all done. 
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    Obviously I'm not Alastair, but my guess is sometime after We Can Do This All Day starts back up? (Which is set to happen in March).
    As far as priorities go, I think WUTBF is at the bottom of the current podcast line up. A huge part of that is that Alastair needs to find (an) appropriate co-host(s), and the Common Room crew that was/is crucial to getting Dusted and WCDTAD back up running apparently aren't VM fans (or I assume they'd be doing WUTBF as well).
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    Not a huge fan of the more slapstick-y aspects of the episode, but thematically I love the idea behind this episode - becoming literally invisible as a way of escaping and feeling disassociated from your problems. I also love that it gives the chance for some movement in the Buffy/Spike character relationship, where she begins seeking him out in a way she hasn't before, and culminating in him (temporarily) rejecting her when he figures out her game.
    Thank you for saying so clearly what I was feeling but having trouble articulating. 
    Some really great comments up thread have done a wonderful job digging into Spike and Buffy's motivations and exactly how/why they are destructive yet still drawn to each other. I can see how for some people, the answer might just be "she's sad, and he's evil and acting like a stalker," and that's enough, and it's gross, and they don't want to dig any deeper. But there's also a lot more there if you want to go looking.
    I don't think Spike actually believes Buffy "came back wrong" in the metaphysical sense. He means she came back damaged emotionally, which is true. Her emotional damage (depression, rage, darkness, feeling numb and like nothing matters, wanting to act out) means that now they understand each other better than they did before and they're closer than they ever have been. As a soulless demon who's in love with her, Spike wants her to get better - but not too much better. He wants her to heal, but not so much that she doesn't want him anymore. Right now, he wants to help her enjoy embracing her darkness so much that she chooses to stay in the darkness with him.
    The thing that makes is so hard for Buffy to say no is that 75% of what Spike thinks is spot on (even if the other 25% is complete BS). He's right that she came back damaged, and he's right that he's helping her start to heal / get some very necessary emotional catharsis / explore a lot of genuine dark feelings she has. Within the fiction, he's almost acting like the devil on her shoulder, giving voice to things she's already feeling. This role he plays is why he's simultaneously perfect for her and awful for her right now. On the one hand, his intuitive understanding of Buffy's darkness lets him coax it out of her in a way that no one else can, and is actually helpful. He lets her feel the things that she's been repressing and get her self-destructive dark ya-ya's out. On the other hand, this same understanding of Buffy's darkness + his lack of a soul + a blind spot to Buffy's other contradictory feelings means that he doesn't respect her boundaries and doesn't believe her when she says it isn't want she really wants.
    For someone who is so full of contradictions himself, Spike is unable or unwilling to see Buffy as more than just her darkness. He thinks her resistance is based on her fear of how others will view her and sense of propriety, not the substantive moral stance that she sees it as. Buffy wants him sexually and connects with him emotionally, and without the soul he can't understand why that it isn't enough for her.
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    Yeah, I totally agree. The episode and its portrayal of the academy broke the world for me in a way that the show didn't before. As someone with a PhD, who understands what it means and what it takes to get one (I also know someone who has two in different fields - it doesn't get any easier the second time) - it took me some whistling at first to come to terms with Fitzsimmons, but whatever, they are crazy, special geniuses, and maybe they just look really young for their age, and maybe SHIELD PhDs are a little different. Okay, fine. 
    But now there's a whole auditorium of babies who are on the same tier of genius, if not the exact same level? No way. The word "genius" suddenly ceases to have the same meaning, I have to completely change how I conceive of the human species and human intelligence for that to work.
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    Speaking of Lani's new network Chipperish, she's gone from $27/mo to $110/mo on Patreon over the past 5 hours. If you've been a SW patron supporting Lani & Alastair before the split, consider supporting her new venture as well.
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    Oooh, movie marathon is a fun idea!
  8. StrangelyLiteral added a post in a topic Movie Live Tweet for National Strike (Feb 17)?   

    It doesn't have to be a HP film, but we do want it to be about collective resistance / fighting evil, so HP is a natural match. 
  9. StrangelyLiteral added a topic in General Wonkery   

    Movie Live Tweet for National Strike (Feb 17)?
    A bunch of us (from twitter conversations) are planning on watching and live-tweeting a movie as part of the National Strike on Feb 17. 
    We'd love to get your suggestions/thoughts on what movie we should pick.
    Things that have already been suggested: HP and Order of the Pheonix, and HP and the Deathly Hollows Pts 1 and/or 2.
    If it seems like there's an obvious frontrunner people are coalescing around, we might just make a decision. If there's no clear frontrunner, we'll probably do a vote to decide.
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    For those who are not Patreon subscribers, the next episode of Dusted (Gone) is scheduled for release Tuesday / tomorrow. 
  11. StrangelyLiteral added a post in a topic Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted   

    Okay guys: I thought I could go back and listen to vintage Dusted, but I'm definitely not ready for that yet. It kind of hurts me to think about it. I bet some of you are in the same boat. 
    So because of ^, because TPotN episodes are _way_ shorter than I thought (you can listen to all of the S1 videos in the same amount of time as one Dusted episode), and because ironically now the hiatus will be shorter than we thought (Dusted will likely be back in early Feb), let's just say:
    Watch as many episodes of TPotN as you want, and discuss them here in this thread, on whatever schedule you what. This will be spoilerful zone for everything up to where we are in the Dusted schedule (midway through Season 6). 
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    Dusted Hiatus Activity - The Passion of the Nerd + Vintage Dusted
    After a little bit of discussion over on the Twitter Announcements thread, a few of us have decided that we're going revisit Season 1 and watch and discuss The Passion of the Nerd Buffy analysis videos along with the vintage Dusted recordings - until Dusted returns. We are not trying to replace Dusted - we are just trying to keep the community engaged during the unfortunate but necessary restructuring of Dusted. This is also a great chance to talk about Season 1 and the origins of BtVS since very few of us were StoryWonk fans and forum members when Dusted first came out and missed out on those discussions.
    Discussions will take place on Monday and Thursday, in keeping with Dusted tradition.
    So for this coming week:
    Monday:TPotN: Why you should watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (6 min video)Dusted 1: Yes, Really (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie)Thursday:TPotN: Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest (4 min video)Dusted 2: No Skipping Ahead (Episodes 1 & 2, Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest)My personal plan is to watch the episodes in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, since I've seen them so many times before, and because I'm trying to work on my language skills. I'm curious to see how much of what I love about Buffy comes across in a foreign language. 
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    I think their interests also balanced each other really well. I was really looking forward to hearing the back-half of season 6 discussed as a conversation between someone who ships Buffy/Spike and someone who just doesn't get it. 
    Obviously no one can truly replace Lani and her perspective, but I hope that whoever his new co-host(s) is, he finds someone who offers a good counterpoint to his perspective. People who disagree with each other (respectfully) are the most interesting to listen to.
  14. StrangelyLiteral added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    Things seem to be moving more quickly than anticipated.
    Even if we only do TPotN for a couple weeks, it'll still be a fun exercise. 
  15. StrangelyLiteral added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    I think we should do Monday and/or Thursday, just to keep with tradition. 
    Starting next week?