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  1. Claire added a post in a topic Unwritten DG Books We Want to Read   

    I'd quite like to read more of Claire and Frank and Brianna in the 50s and 60s - I was glad that the show gave us a glimpse into Claire's 'homecoming' because I was frustrated that the books skipped over it. Claire's reaction to the present after three years in the 1700s really intrigues me - would she forever  marvel at certain inventions, or do you just start taking it all for granted again? And did any of her improvised medicinal techniques from the past affect her training in the present (future?!)
  2. Claire added a post in a topic Unwritten DG Books We Want to Read   

    Oh I want to read all of these books! The one I'd really like - and unless I'm imagining things, I think it might actually be in the works - would be a prequel to the MacKenzie siblings growing up at Leoch. We get to know them separately (well, the brothers together, but the two sisters are always apart) that I'd love to meet them as a tribe...
  3. Claire added a topic in The Beta Reader Exchange   

    Something a bit different!
    Hi folks! So I've been the worst. no-good, very bad lurker around here of late, but in my defence I have been busy un-emigrating (remigrating?) back to Scotland, and also working on this!
    This isn't exactly a beta read request, but then it isn't entirely not one either.  For the last couple of weeks, I've been blogging as a character in one of my stories - I've got big plans for the whole project ultimately, but for now this is a way to introduce Linley and her story. I'm beyond thrilled that she's starting to build up a wee bit of a following, but if anyone would like to take a peek and let me know what they think, I would be thrilled!
    You'll find her here: and the first post  (from where there's a link to the next and so on) is here: It's only been running just over a week, so it wouldn't take long to catch up, or else feel free to jump in on today's post and take it from there!
    Thanks so much!
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  4. Claire added a post in a topic Time Travel in Regards to Frank and its effects   

    This issue has bothered me too! I can see the point that it's an emotional/irrational reaction from Claire... to a certain extent.
    Where it falls apart for me is that it's happening at the same time as she is actively engaged in trying to change the future - and doesn't seem to be thinking of the consequences of that. Leaving aside potential consequences for Scottish/British/World history if Culloden and the Highland Clearances never happen, she knows that BJR dies on the battlefield. If he doesn't, who knows whether something could happen down the line to kill or otherwise alter the life story of the child and stop HIM having any children... and so on and so forth.
    It's difficult to buy someone as rational as Claire not having considered how changing a fairly major event in history could have all sorts of effects. Not to get too Scottish history geek about it all, but Culloden fundamentally altered the relationship between England and Scotland right up until today, so it's hard to imagine that it not having happened wouldn't change all sorts of things for many or even most British people.
    But that's where time travel starts to make my head hurt 
  5. Claire added a topic in General Wonkery   

    How many stories can you work on at one time?
    Being nosey about other people's habits here! 
    I was a screenwriter by profession for years, and in order to eek out anything approaching a living, I generally had around 3-5 projects on the go at any given time, and I got used to flitting from one to the other as necessary. They wouldn't all be at draft stage necessarily, but sometimes I would be flipping from revisions on a late draft of one script while churning out first draft pages on another. 
    But now I'm writing fiction, and I'm finding that in order to be as "in" the story as I want to be, I need to just focus one draft at a time, and nothing else. Does anyone else find that? I'm working on a draft at the moment (early stages, I'm about 10,000 words in) and have just got a reader report back on a different project - I'm really tempted to start thinking about the revisions and new ideas that the report gave me, but am afraid that if I flip my brain to it right now my head will explode ;-) Or at least, I'll struggle to get back into the first one.
    I'm not having sleepless nights over it or anything, just curious as to how others work!
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  6. Claire added a post in a topic Any good recent tv shows?   

    Agreed on The People vs OJ - I love a good courtroom drama anyway, and I'm loving this one. The cast is top notch.
    Don't know if it's on in the States, but Line of Duty is incredible - best UK police drama by a country mile. 
  7. Claire added a post in a topic The End of Voyager *Probably Contains Spoilers*   

    I really hope that the show gets a third series, partly because it's a great show, but partly because I really want to see what the writers make of the glorious fest of bonkerness that is this book. So much of it fascinated me, and yet it was the book I wanted to throw against a wall the most often. I went off Claire quite a bit in this one, which broke my heart as my girlcrush on her during the first two books was of epic proportions. I struggled a lot with her leaving Breanna an orphan just like that, and her reaction to Laoghraire seemed totally unreasonable (she's been gone for TWENTY YEARS!) - not to mention, she doesn't flipping well explain to Jamie exactly why she was so upset for another decade. (When I first read it, I thought he knew Laoghraire had been involved in sending Claire to the witch trial and hated that he'd married her, but I've just read the bit in which they discuss that he had no idea, so now I'm mad at Claire!)
    Agree with so many points here - but especially frustration over the whole Geillis thing. I'm disappointed to learn that that's the end of that story, as I've been hoping that we'll come back to it (I was sure she'd turn out to have travelled at the last second and not actually be dead, or something) and it'd all make sense finally.
  8. Claire added a post in a topic Release date for DIA and new trailer!   

    Oohh brilliant! I keep stumbling across semi-spoilery promises like that and can't read fast enough!! 
  9. Claire added a post in a topic Release date for DIA and new trailer!   

    Oh not at all! I typed my response quickly when I got home last night - a winky face rather than the one I used would have been more appropriate 
    Interesting stuff though - I should maybe say I'm just halfway through Fiery Cross (not fussed about spoilers though, my fault for being so far behind!) so realise more will be clarified later down the line. That said, there wasn't any point at which Murtagh overtly discussed time travel with Claire in DIA (to my recollection) as we see in the trailer, so they do seem to be drawing it out more, which still intrigues me.
    I'm no Laoghaire fan (though the actress who plays her is fab), but agree that if she has to exist then it makes sense that she'd exist in Season 2, particularly if they follow the books for Season 3.
  10. Claire added a post in a topic Release date for DIA and new trailer!   

    Ahh that's me told then - I had no idea Murtagh knew in the books! Still looking forward to it 
  11. Claire added a post in a topic Release date for DIA and new trailer!   

    I read yesterday - I could have sworn it was here, but can't for the life of me find the thread now - that DG said (or posted at Compuserve, maybe?) that she warned something they did in S2 jumped the shark.
    I'm guessing the trailer makes it clear what that is, but (assuming Murtagh knowing is what she was talking about) - I'm thrilled! I've always thought that the whole time travel aspect is criminally underused in the books. Well, for me - Lani said in one of the TSATS episodes, no one is writing to please her, and apparently they don't write to please me either - WHY NOT?! - but the trailer suggests that time travel a huge driving force in S2, and I can't wait to see where they're going with it.
  12. Claire added a post in a topic When you can put it down...   

    To be fair to poor old Emily, I once read an article (think it was in a newspaper or magazine or else I'd try to track it down) which suggested that the awfulness of the characters and bleakness of their world was the whole point of it - so I guess she succeeded?! Plus, I have always loved that bit in the preface to the edition that was released after Emily's death when Charlotte basically says, 'it's not her fault it's a miserable, bonkers book - she lived in Yorkshire her whole life!' I haven't spent a great deal of time in Yorkshire, so who knows how it might affect me... ;-)
  13. Claire added a post in a topic When you can put it down...   

    I wish I could have abandoned Wuthering Heights - studied it for English A level and hated it with the passion of a thousand suns! I used to feel pressure to finish anything I'd started no matter what, but as I've got older I have less and less compunctions about dinging anything I'm not feeling. That said, I do go back to them occasionally - sometimes I'm not feeling it because of the mood I'm in or how busy I am.
    Funnily enough - and I'm aware I might be taking my life in my hands saying this around these parts - I did that with Dragonfly in Amber. I loved the first book, but for me, there was a big section of the second that just sort of trundled along through their lives in Paris. It was all interesting enough, but didn't have the same page-turning grippingness (that's a word...). Then I was on a train from Glasgow to London which was delayed for three hours somewhere in the Peak district, finished the book I had been reading and out of desperation delved deeper into my Kindle - and there it was. Within a few pages it had taken off again and that was me!
    Tender in the Night I've returned to about 20 times because I'm convinced I'll love it if I can just... get into it. Still waiting.
  14. Claire added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Haha I think mine does too - call it the Outlander effect!