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  1. matthewvose added a post in a topic that harsh harsh light of day   

    Great username!!
  2. matthewvose added a post in a topic Twitter announcements   

    It's not a Buffy podcast, but @mandikaye has started a new show (I co-hosted the first couple with her so I want everyone to listen to me overthink movies!).
    I've written more about it on the forum here, but Pop Culturally Deprived is Mandi watching classics and cult hits for the first time then discussing with a 'superfan'. We've done Die Hard and Pulp Fiction so far, Big Lebowski, Clerks, and Ferris Bueller are coming up.
    We're going to be recording the first of three Firefly episodes this weekend, so it's tangentially related to Buffy.
  3. matthewvose added a post in a topic Buffy, Angel, and inspiration   

    Thank you for sharing that @JoSpangel, it sounds like a hard situation, that Buffy and the community helped so is really good.
    I hadn't even considered that there is so much content across all the TV seasons, comics, books, etc, as well as the community created content like fanfic and podcasts. The Buffy boards and sites have been going since the world wide web really started so it's grown up used to the technology. It's also really welcoming, particularly on places like Storywonk. We may all have our differences and opinions (Angel S5 FTW!) but it's respectful, insightful, and very inclusive.
  4. matthewvose added a post in a topic Cliffhangers   

    I haven't watched Chuck but that sounds interesting enough to make me watch it sometime - does the show as a whole get wrapped up satisfactorily @lupinejohn?
    Lost S3 is a great example @Achates. It subverts everything we expected from the show by that point, and gives us excitement for what they might do in future seasons.
    For me the stand out one is Farscape S3. It had me on my feet screaming at my television, and unable to imagine what they were going to do next. Every season did something like that, but this one was even more wild.
    And @HelloIamHawt I haven't seen TWD, it's a bit grim dark for my tastes. This makes it sound like I'd get more and more upset with it as it goes on.
  5. matthewvose added a topic in General Wonkery   

    So @mandikaye was watching The West Wing recently and having reached the end of a season went immediately into the next. This sparked a conversation about whether you take a break in between seasons when watching older episodes of a show or binge straight on.
    Personally, I always take a break. Not the 3-10 months that you would have experienced when it was showing as released, but a bit of a break gives the chance for a palate cleanser and a consideration of what happened and what could happen in the upcoming season.
    This is particularly important in shows that have major cliffhangers at the end of a season. Going straight into The Best of Both Worlds part 2 (Star Trek The Next Generation) answers some significant questions, but there was so much potential for how the show could proceed and change following whatever might happen.
    This is also the same with game changers, which we'll come to soon at the end of Angel S3. Major events happen that are themselves resolved, but mean some big differences for the show you know.
    From this conversation I have two questions for everyone - are there any cliffhangers that are particularly memorable to you for any reason? And what is it that makes a cliffhanger or game changer work on a show you enjoy?
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  6. matthewvose added a topic in Dusted   

    Buffy, Angel, and inspiration
    Recently I've seen a couple of tweetstorms telling of how Supergirl has helped people dealing with their own issues, particularly with a significant character arc in season 2.
    Spoilers in for Supergirl, obviously, if you open these tweets and see the continued story:
    It got me thinking about other shows that did the same, and Buffy in particular is a show that was important for having a strong female character front and centre, having a lesbian character, showing relationship problems, and generally dealing with life issues through metaphor.
    So does anyone have anything they would want to share about how TV in general, and Buffy/Angel specifically helped or inspired them?
    Buffy is almost exactly 3 weeks older than me, so watching the show I was generally going through the same things as her, it helped me remember that everyone goes through the same crises as everyone else, whether they're cool like Cordelia, geeky like Xander, or a witch.
    Plus it helped me understand how Americans see Brits sometimes.
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  7. matthewvose added a post in a topic Dusted 32: And I Hate You   

    I don't think there's anything definitive, but it's coded like a female bedroom - soft toys on the bed, it's generally tidy, heart on the wall, changing screen etc.
    You're right though, it might be different from a previous set. Perhaps her parents moved? Or she switched rooms?
  8. matthewvose added a post in a topic We Can Do This All Day 18: Hard Body   

    Lani said on the Storywonk Twitter feed - "We need a bit of time to figure it out, but this is a new phase, not an end."
    She is taking over, and plotting what happens next. The best thing to do now is send them both support and love directly, giving them space to work out how to move on and make SW even better.
  9. matthewvose added a post in a topic (spoilers) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story   

    That's a really good point.
     Regarding my thoughts on the fan service...
  10. matthewvose added a post in a topic Dusted 152: Y’Know, For Spike   

    Drugs Are Really Evil? Do Avoid Recreational Excitement? 
    Having not had these things (except the Grange Hill cast singing 'Just Say No'), perhaps that's why I'm a little more forgiving?
    Tara is exactly what I was thinking, but revoke invitation doesn't seem the hardest spell - it's the first one Willow cast in the series (possibility for a reference to her progression etc?), and Buffy has cast spells before ("What are you doing in there?"). I guess it throws up more problems for the series if she does, and clearly Spike is her go to when she needs help with Dawn's many misadventures.
  11. matthewvose added a post in a topic Dusted 152: Y’Know, For Spike   

    I really enjoyed L&A's analysis of the episode. Very fair and measured, which is appreciated on what could be a hot takedown. 
    I completely agree with @Lani that Dawn slapping Willow is too much. I think it's meant to land like the slap in Jaws, but it misses the mark for several reasons. I think the beat before is too long, and in Jaws it's shocking because of the low key nature of the insult compared to the rest of the film, which isn't the case here. Brody also stands there and takes it. He knows he did wrong and deserves what he's getting, whereas Willow is still looking for everything to be alright, which it isn't. Dawn looking at her and then walking away in disappointment would come off stronger (for me).
    The justification for the addiction at the end is well done however, I like them talking about her needing the power, and about how she would prefer to be special. It's a mature take, and keeps the season moving on without doing the same thing multiple times.
    Buffy and the garlic is ridiculous. Get Spike blocked from the house again!!
    @Alastair have you switched back to the original Dusted theme music?
  12. matthewvose added a post in a topic Dusted 152: Y’Know, For Spike   

    So there are some proper writers who I know will answer this from a craft perspective really well, but my audience/reading view of it is that this is about the depth and quality of the story. If you are writing about needing magical power as being a drug addiction then you could just show the place you get the magic from as being exactly like a drug den and your metaphor is there on display, but you are limited by it. If you allude to it through further metaphor or imagery, the viewer can read drug den, but is also given other elements that they can take away. You're able to incorporate other plots (as Alastair said), characters who might not necessarily be included, and generally enhances multiple elements than just your primary story.
    As a comparison, we already have a drug analogy in the Buffyverse... vampires feeding on humans. They need it. They crave it. And throughout the course of Buffy we've seen a lot of work done with this - Angel having to drink Buffy to cure himself, Riley going to the vampires feeding den to feel something, Spike even mentions it in this episode about how Buffy will need him like he needs blood.
    In the end, I think the big disappointment with this specifically is that it inverts how fantasy and sci fi is written as a metaphor. Traditionally SF/Fantasy is written to cast a mirror on real world problems and help you understand them with more depth than the literal detail of them. In Star Trek, we show two guys who look almost identical but one wants to kill the other because he looks slightly different to shine a light on the ridiculousness of racism. In this plot of Buffy, we're not using magic to show how destructive drugs can be to a person and their friends, we're using drug tropes to try to understand what the magic is doing to Willow. If this was done as something different - maybe Willow is taught to take life force/power from her friends to power herself - and that's where we draw our drug analogy it might be more powerful as a metaphor.
  13. matthewvose added a post in a topic (spoilers) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story   

    Some really great points, and a few things I'd forgotten but discussed on the train ride home.
    On Saw Gerrera...
    On the film in general...
  14. matthewvose added a post in a topic Dusted 149: Joan The Vampire Slayer   

    I got your back @xallanthia, The Body is on the right, Tabula Rasa is on the left.

  15. matthewvose added a post in a topic We Can Do This All Day 19: Hand In Hand With Hand   

    Those stingers are something special for keeping me invested. The revelations for Coulson are interesting but are now more mundane than I had imagined, and it's become a more personal story. To then be 100% in Mike's POV and see what's going on with him makes me really intrigued with the potential.
    Great to see Ron Glass again, and very timely. What a sad loss. He's one of two people in this episode who had been in something DC - he was a voice in an episode of the Superman cartoon, Blasts from the Past: Part II.
    The Tahiti waiter is also a stunt man (who doubles for Fitz a lot), he has been a shortlived DEO agent in the Supergirl episode Human For A Day.
    I loved the Agent May stuff in this episode. I've never seen the conflict with her and Skye - it seemed obvious that May was getting her off the bus to do what she can do well. When she dresses as and calls herself May I read that she knew what was being done and it's actually increased the respect she has for May. The Ward conflict with May important to tell us the viewer what is happening, and then to start showing their closeness not being an enduring thing because they aren't on the same page.
    And the power they give the Clairvoyant without introducing him is superb. We can see he's respected, feared, and holds significant power just through how everyone else references him and some one sided phone calls.