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    Yes, totally agree.  I LOVE Outlander, (I mean LHUUUUVV IT), have read all the books SO MANY TIMES my family think I am crazy....but.....I'm not a big fan of Voyager as a whole..I can find pleasure in reading pieces and skimming over most of it. 
    As far as Season 3 goes....not going to lie, I am a little nervous....
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    Hi All, anyone in the mood to discuss these chapters?  I will say that I was surprised to hear that Diana thought Turtle Soup was the best sex scene she has written (or something to that effect).  I am not a big fan of that scene, and when I found out that other fans thought it was the **greatest thing ever** I went back and re-read it several times to see what I was missing. I guess the logistics of it and the "funny" exchange with Stern put me off.  I prefer straightforward sex/love scenes like those found in the first two books.  
    Also, I was relieved to FINALLY be off a boat by the end of this reading.  
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    When I think about Claire's background, she was raised when the British empire was still quite strong.  I think  upper class British people, especially expats, were raised with the idea that they were naturally better than everyone else, sort of a paternalistic "we know what is right for you" attitude  towards the rest of  humanity (India comes to mind).  Whether you want to classify that as benevolent racism or not, I can see Claire having that background.  She may consciously fight it when it is overt, such as when Frank is calling out Lenny, but when something is ingrained into you from birth it may be that it comes out subconsciously  when addressing Mr. W. 
    Regarding Jamie, I will have to go back and see if I can find any identifiable textual racism.  I think you are right Lani, his may just be his "Lairdly" idea of taking people under his wing, however misguided. 
    I guess my main point was that MAYBE  Gabaldon didn't write this character, and our "heroes" interaction with him, as stereotypically racist at all. MAYBE she was trying to portray how Mr. W might be treated by her characters, through the lens of Claire's first person narration. 
    I don't think Gabaldon is racist, and it seems odd to me that she could write such detailed, flawed characters and then fall down so spectacularly with Mr. W. so I prefer to think something else is driving this . That's my head cannon :-)
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    In regards to the W. character, could it be out that our “heroes” are “benevolent racists”?  In portraying J, C, et al. as less than tolerant towards Mr. W. it may be that Gabaldon is giving us an insight into the struggles Mr. W had to navigate in this new life he chose.  He specifically states that maybe it wasn’t worth it, the choice that he made to flee China.  I always read him as a tragic figure that was never truly SEEN by anyone in the Western world.  Why should we expect Jamie to see him as an equal?  #imperfectJamie .  Are we expecting too much from our characters? Or expecting them to behave the way we WANT them to behave?  We KNOW from past chapters they make bad choices and sometimes do things that we don’t like.  Kinda like real-life people……The way Mr. W.’s storyline concludes seems to give him back all the power that was taken from him throughout the story.  I find him to be an interesting character worthy of discussion, but I wouldn’t be sad if he was cut out of the adaptation completely.