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    I have to admit I was a bit confused regarding the amount of time that was supposed to have passed while Strange was "training". Am I right that The Ancient One said something about time passing/not passing when you're in the mirror dimension where we're led to believe he spent much of his time practicing? Obviously he was gone for a while, but it still felt like he didn't spend enough time, his photographic memory not-withstanding. There are obvious similarities to be made between Strange and Tony Stark, but honestly I prefer Strange being an asshole to Ironman being an asshole, at least at this point. Overall I really enjoyed the movie, the visuals were spectacular, and I totally agree with @matthewvose that the use of deductive reasoning makes this film stand out from your average comic book film. Having him use, then remove the Time Gem points to a character that is still developing and learning, which I really do appreciate because it seems like too often we get the "learn the things, now you are an EXPERT and the BEST" trope.
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    I thought they made some interesting character choices throughout the series-I personally would have enjoyed a show just about Pam. She was by far my favorite vampire and I think there was some real depth to her character, plus Kristin Bauer-VonStratten is phenomenal. I would say what the show suffered from the most was too much going on, focusing on big showy plots and guest actors each season when there was a lot to work with in some of the characters if they would have chosen to develop them.
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    I am terrible at introductions...
    Hi everyone, I'm Rachel, all over Twitter as @GypsyBookNerd. Proud #oddwonk #podwonk and general dabbler in TV show nerdiness. I discovered Story Wonk with The Scot & The Sassenach early season 1, pretty much became obsessed with Dusted, joined the TSATS live-tweets with season 2, and when We Can Do This All Day started it was pretty much the end of pretending to be normal on the internet. :-)
    I interact with the community on Twitter and decided I should probably do this Story Wonk Forum thing so here I am!
    I grew up watching Star Trek: TNG with my Dad, who grew up watching Doctor Who. I read The Hobbit at the age of 4, LOTR at the age of 8, David Eddings in high school. Fantasy, sci-fi and good stories are my favorite things.
    Current favorite things include Black Sails, Orphan Black, Dark Matter, The Expanse, The Magicians, Supernatural, CW DC Shows, 'Darker Shades' series by V.E. Schwab, Jim Butcher, James Marsters reading 'The Dresden Files', Funko figures, stickers from RedBubble and cross-stitch. 
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