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    It's pretty quiet over here, but can anyone recommend a good craft book on writing mysteries? 
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    Coming in suuuuper late to the party (I'm only just watching Angel for the first time now), and swinging the topic around completely.
    Did anyone else get the feeling they were supposed to read that something else was going on with Gene? When I started watching it, and he was singing a sad song, I thought he'd either had his heart broken or had never been in love.
    That wasn't it.
    So if he had a girlfriend, why was he still singing sad songs? Maybe she was dying or something, which is why he was so sad. 
    That wasn't it.
    When Denise and her friend are talking, they mention him being hollow. The transcript:
    Denise:  "But he's just sort of - hollow, or something.  When I'm with him I feel - I feel lonely." 
    Val:  "Maybe that's because *he* is.  You know I love him, but he *is* an energy sucker." 
    So he's a demon or something? A human vortex? ANYTHING?
    That wasn't it either.
    I feel like there was something else about him and I kept waiting for the Big Reveal, and I thought it was so strange that nothing happened.