1. La Schipa

    @Ithika @acorn_karla My accent is so messed up though. Product of immigrant parents, suburban NYC, British TV, and a chameleon circuit
  2. Strixbrevis

    @brandonlgtaylor thank you for blessing my TL w/this
  3. Lyn Never

    @inateapot I'm sorry. I hope it gets better.
  4. Antonia

    @sarahthe1001 @CrowGirl42 @feministlib @tsmendola 😂🙀
  5. Des ADramofOutlander

    @DvorakJanelle which 4?
  6. MidnightMuskrat

    @roywoodjr Your special was fantastic!
  7. CourtneyHunt

    RT @alphabetsuccess: Everyone wants to be appreciated. So if you appreciate someone, don't keep it a secret. - Mary Kay Ash #quote #monda…
  8. Melissa

    @p2wy You are a brave man.
  9. BadExampleMan

    @mishellbaker Truly, madly, deeply
  10. Leenie

    @LaniDianeRich @lilmsredsweater @chipperish welcome! https://t.co/i168wB0PuY
  11. madicienne

    RT @TorontoComics: Today is the last day to submit programming ideas, or volunteer as a moderator, for TCAF 2017! https://t.co/qYpqaeyego
  12. SanLynn

    RT @_ayecaptainswan: @WaterlilySan I saw that coming,he seemed evil almost immediately,but then more and more every episode
  13. Katie B.

    @acorn_karla @LeenieCK S1 finale is airing tonight.
  14. imamadhattre

    RT @MiaSteinberg: LRT: this is, what, the third or fourth wave of coordinated bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers?
  15. jdkjdk44

    @billburr its incorrectly titled!
  16. Lisa M Lilly

    Sometimes it's good for your #writing to have a day job https://t.co/nzqtZMiZqS #author #selfpublishing
  17. KClark

    Great show guys. Guess what I'm going to watch this afternoon as a result? #Iwillwatchyou https://t.co/CKXQdsjfv7
  18. Caro Kinkead

    "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." -- Isaac Asimov #amwriting
  19. Eric J

    @sepinwall #AskAlanDay If you could get one show out of streaming Purgatory and onto Netflix, what would it be?
  20. Heather F.

    You keep diving beneath the small talk today, exploring the me... More for Taurus https://t.co/mrtbnAbcYk
  21. CyberMathWitch

    Today's reading: Forgive yourself and do the things with energy and fire and you will achi… https://t.co/DOtiDbP7ai https://t.co/YfgC8M12Jf
  22. lvprosewriter

    Princess Zelda wants us to turn the cabinet on the stairs into a cat apartment. Son Evan is encouraging her dream. https://t.co/QOWrrxUlXA
  23. d.karthauser

    RT @ava: Live footage of Sweden. https://t.co/937oa9JSnp
  24. SanLynn

    So is Evil Robert the mastermind behindthe death of King Simon? I wouldn't put it past him. #TheRoyals
  25. Lyn Never

    @SnugglePolish @inateapot if I'm having a breakout I might put a new clean flour sack towel or pillowcase over the pillow every night