1. La Schipa

    @GreatChemistry OMG This is perfect. Thanks!
  2. Des ADramofOutlander

    A slow inhale is required here. #Repost @TheMattBRoberts with @repostapp ・・・ Low winter sun (and… https://t.co/rQjTBgu55C
  3. CourtneyHunt

    Can she teach him to have fun? Cupid's Coffeeshop #1 #romance #kindle #loveromance #99c #99cents… https://t.co/wsngL5mZUQ
  4. Leenie

    heard John Krazinski is pretty buf in 13 Hours @alliectee https://t.co/AKXaaM7JLq
  5. Heather F.

    You're eager to swing into action in order to reestablish your... More for Taurus https://t.co/mrtbnAbcYk
  6. BadExampleMan

    Arousal Trumps Disgust -@fakedansavage Trump Arouses Disgust -@BadExampleMan
  7. Katie B.

    @sooroux Thank you! I’m going back to bed as soon as the kids are off to school.
  8. MidnightMuskrat

    @Lin_Manuel #MisHeardLyrics #hamiltonmusical: Grabbed the letter and I raced to her place, screamed "I'll cut you!" in her face
  9. blue_seer

    RT @nicht_christian: Bad Timing. Aber als Kurort.
  10. Dioptre

    Stop writing long sentences. https://t.co/kTPIHEM6sr
  11. Melissa

    RT @CNN: The Obamas spent some of #MLKDay visiting their daughters' backyard swing set after it was donated to a DC shelter https://t.co/JV…
  12. Lourdes

    @paperbullets I would be very interested indeed ;) #winteriscomming
  13. KClark

    @mandikaye 2/2 and that's why we think of it as a classic.
  14. imamadhattre

    RT @fuzzytypewriter: Inauguration vibe https://t.co/pWe6XC3UCy
  15. d.karthauser

    I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/nvZh93Zh68 Page ii: Title, Copyright, Dedication, Summary - In Which Danielle
  16. Caro Kinkead

    @TessaDare caught on a “nail” — cold medicine not letting me type good.
  17. lynnecunningh13

    @CindyNavyMom -and dont forget one woolly 😉
  18. I Started Something

    RT @ananavarro: Translation: "Celebrate Martin Luther King Day by needlessly attacking one of his best friends, closest allies, guardians o…
  19. Meg O

    RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Thread: Here's a history of what the GOP did to get everyone health insurance in the 25 years before the Affordable Care…
  20. Lyn Never

    @desjardins it's basically like airy fudge with no chocolate. I don't think anyone under 45 has ever eaten it.
  21. matsie

    This dude calling @tomashbrooknpr on MLK day and basically advocating for eugenics. 🙄🙄🙄
  22. Eric J

    Tomorrow I will begin classes to earn my Master of Science in Health Communication from Boston University. I'm... https://t.co/E2GBuQE5Pw
  23. CourtneyHunt

    RT @EmmaCalin: 36 #love stories for you to try at #instafreebie. https://t.co/hkOncrz0qN #freeromance @JamieDGarrett https://t.co/Qfa8HBVt…
  24. Kristen

    On page 202 of 308 of Landline, by Rainbow Rowell https://t.co/PWXHQiXFQo
  25. La Schipa

    Finished dinner super early so now the day is just catching up on all the Sherlock. #goodday #allyoueverneed #ihadsteak