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Hi folks! So I've been the worst. no-good, very bad lurker around here of late, but in my defence I have been busy un-emigrating (remigrating?) back to Scotland, and also working on this!

This isn't exactly a beta read request, but then it isn't entirely not one either.  For the last couple of weeks, I've been blogging as a character in one of my stories - I've got big plans for the whole project ultimately, but for now this is a way to introduce Linley and her story. I'm beyond thrilled that she's starting to build up a wee bit of a following, but if anyone would like to take a peek and let me know what they think, I would be thrilled!

You'll find her here: and the first post  (from where there's a link to the next and so on) is here: It's only been running just over a week, so it wouldn't take long to catch up, or else feel free to jump in on today's post and take it from there!

Thanks so much!

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